Starting A Freelance Copywriting Business Guide

Freelance copywriting is a dream job. You set your own hours, can work from home and get to write for living. But you have a LOT of challenges to overcome.

But unfortunately, many FAIL in their first year. Why? Because they didn’t know how to overcome all the hurdles you face launching a freelance business. This includes:

  • Developing your copywriting knowledge
  • Creating a portfolio of samples that will win over prospects
  • Design and develop a professional looking website, and not one that screams“cheapskate!“
  • Working out what to charge when just getting started
  • Knowing where to find clients willing to pay you a fair rate for your work (hint – it’s not on freelance bidding sites)
  • Making sure you get paid (and this one is critical in today’s economy)
  • How to turn one off projects into ongoing sources of revenue, vital for long-term success

The eBook ‘How to Start a Freelance Copywriting Business’ enables you to gain all the tactics, strategies and knowledge I developed when launching my own freelance career from scratch.

It provides you with tons of valuable insights about finding and attracting clients, writing copy that sells and growing your skills so you have the potential to join the top copy dogs earning six figures or more. Better yet, it explains how to avoid all the pitfalls that prevent most from succeeding. This makes it an essential roadmap that will guide you from day one on your path to personal profit and career fulfillment.

  • How much to charge when just getting started
  • How to convert queries into paying projects
  • The untapped places to find clients that most copywriters ignore
  • The tactical way to raise your prices
  • How to grow a portfolio without any clients
  • How to write brochures, websites and every other type of copy that will delight clients and keep them coming back for more

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