Introduction To Basic Electronics Hands-On Mini Course

Introduction To Basic Electronics Hands-On Mini Course by Greg Carpenter covers all the important topics: voltage and current, capacitors and inductors, reactance and impedance plus a chapter on transistors and diodes, all using short understandable explanations and examples.

It’s a solid introductory course in basic electronics that will provide you with the information you will need to begin building, repairing and experimenting with electronic circuits on your own.

Why should you buy this?

Because you’ll probably enjoy it and you’ll be gaining a lot of valuable basic electronic knowledge and skills you need.

The magic learning effect happens when YOU build A REAL CIRCUIT and then YOU actually SEE IT WORK!

This downloadable home study package is perfect for anyone with a strong interest in how things work. Someone who perhaps has little or no experience working with electronic components and circuits, but wants to know more and learn it quickly and inexpensively!

And since this home study course is divided into two parts you’ll feel much more comfortable building electronic circuits and projects on your own successfully without needing help, because the second part is about hands-on electronic project construction.

The first book covers the nine most important topics you need to know in basic electronics.

Book number two is where you start to put to use what you have learned so far. It’s the Hands-On learning part. This is where the rubber hits the pavement!… Read more…