The Kidney Stone Removal Report

Kidney Stone Removal bookThe Kidney Stone Removal Report by Joe Barton reveals how to dissolve & pass your kidney stones pain-free in less than 24 hours from right now, using a safe, natural, home remedy.

Imagine your kidney stones GONE pain-free in just a few short hours from right now. Imagine the peace of mind you’d have knowing you could prevent your kidney stones from ever coming back again –after you pass them naturally.

The safe, natural and drug-free remedy will be explained to you in full detail when you get an exclusive Kidney Stone Removal Report.

And don’t worry, the remedy is very easy to use.

You’ll find out exactly how to get rid of your kidney stones by drinking 72 ounces (about a 2-liter bottle’s worth) of a common beverage. Within 5 minutes of drinking the beverage, you will then eat 8 ounces of a particular green vegetable that has been cooked and put in a blender.

Your kidney stones will turn from stones into sludge. If your kidney stone is less than 5mm, the entire stone will probably dissolve within 3 to 4 hours. If your stone is bigger than 5mm, it will probably take a bit longer.

I need to be honest with you and admit that this remedy does not work for 100% of kidney stone sufferers. But the good news is, this remedy does work for the vast majority of those with kidney stones.

Fact: 256 of the last 300 people who have used this remedy have passed their kidney stones without pain.

Your kidney stones should be 7 mm or less and you should have just one or two kidney stones.

You need to follow this easy, step-by-step remedy EXACTLY AS WRITTEN – Failure to follow the step-by-step instructions (detailed in the report) will lessen the likelihood of your success in dissolving and passing your kidney stones pain-free… Read more…