Lets Quit Sugar Program – Why It’s So Hard To Quit Sugar?

How to eliminate destructive sugar and food cravings?

There are times when it seems we just cannot escape from our own bad habits and destructive behavior.

Lets Quit Sugar Program offers an amazing method for treating sugar and junk food addiction.

Currently, more than 30% of Americans are obese. This means that tens of millions of people cannot escape the perpetual cycle of bad food choices.

We eat sugary food, we like it, we crave it, but it has addictive properties.

This number is startling because being overweight is dearly expensive to our health, let alone our pocketbook.

COVID-19 adds even more weight to many already known obesity-related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, metabolic syndrome and premature death.


What Lets Quit Sugar Program Actually Offers?

Bering all this in mind, “Let’s Quit Sugar” offers what seems to be the painfully obvious solution: we need to get into better health as soon as possible and need to have a better method to do so.

“Let’s Quit Sugar” places much of the blame on sugar itself as the culprit behind our weight gain and our inability to quit unhealthy eating.

It especially pins fructose as the bane of our weight loss, claiming that fructose utterly destroys our metabolic health by first ruining our liver’s ability to function.

“Let’s Quit Sugar” also makes the credible link between excessive intake of fructose and conditions such as insulin resistance and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) as well as common diseases, including type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer disease.

Some medical conditions are not there to stay forever – insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes are reversible with a change to one’s diet and eating habits.




Key Benefits

  • Lose weight
  • Control appetite
  • Control Type-2 diabetes
  • Reverse insulin resistance
  • Improve overall health

“Let’s Quit Sugar” is a system that may be helpful for anyone determined to finally be able to say “goodbye” to sugar.

It is a guide to help an everyday user prevent more damage to their health caused by sugar or help current metabolic conditions from worsening.


Leading A Sugar Free Life

“Let’s Quit Sugar” aims to show you that life without sugar is not only achievable, but much better than constantly seeking the short-term gratification that sugary snacks and junk food bring.

A science-based fact-checked system that has been tried and tested in real-life situations, “Let’s Quit Sugar” strives to offer simple advice that works but does so in a way that leaves the reader informed.

It points out the very real nightmare scenarios those trying to lead a healthier life face, when they find themselves, say, stuck at a birthday party trying to do everything they can or simply having a colleague who politely turns a box of donuts towards you and says: “Want some?”.




How Does The “Let’s Quit Sugar” System Work?

You might not be familiar with all the ways sugar can harm you. Besides making you addicted, sugar has some potentially adverse effects on your body.

A harmless candy bar and soda may seem to be a treat, but indulging even once daily to feed our sugar cravings leads to elevated blood sugar levels.

So much more than just developing diabetes, the amount of sugar we all seem to eat can also cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cause severe damage throughout your body.

The system points to sugar as being “the culprit behind metabolic syndrome”, a cluster of conditions that drastically increases your chances of dying from cardiovascular disease.

“Let’s Quit Sugar” system is the way to kick the habit of taking the harmful substance that ruins your health, appearance and happiness.

Due to our sweet tooth, and the fact that it is supported with hidden sugar in almost all food we can buy, quitting sugar is not something a person can do just like that.

It takes a lot of know-how to actually give up sugar for good, and “Let’s Quit Sugar” is here to inform you on those methods that actually work.


Fatty Liver

Fructose from sugar is toxic to the liver. Due to its chemical nature and how our body processes it, consuming fructose fills the liver with fat making it not able to function properly.

Known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, if fructose keeps being ingested, the ability of the liver worsens.

Fatty liver is also insulin-resistant, meaning that it cannot help one’s body to lower spikes in blood sugar (glucose).


Type 2 Diabetes

A person who suffers from insulin resistance has constantly high insulin levels in the blood because the pancreas starts to secrete even more insulin to get a handle on all the sugar you are eating.

When there is increased blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and increased insulin(hyperinsulinemia), this quickly turns into type 2 diabetes.

This is the first step down to the chain of metabolic issues that can lead to potentially fatal metabolic syndrome.

If someone diagnosed with type 2 diabetes continues to eat sugar, the damage doesn’t end there. Prolonged high insulin levels in the blood also causes the arteries to contract, making their blood pressure elevated (hypertension).

It also increases the chances of developing cancer of the pancreas, breast, prostate or rectum as the cells are pushed to reproduce faster and faster.

Since a fatty liver continues to produce a lot of fat from fructose, the lipid levels in the blood are continuously elevated meaning there is too much fat floating around in your blood.

This is a condition called hyperlipidemia which causes lipid droplets to fill in fat tissue, that grows in and around internal organs and deposits under the skin, making a person visibly obese.

Fed with more fructose, type 2 diabetes (hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia) worsens, and high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and obesity all combine into metabolic syndrome.

consuming an excessive amount of fructose
fatty liver disease
type 2 diabetes (hyperglycemia + hyperinsulinemia)
metabolic syndrome (type 2 diabetes + hyperlipidemia + hypertension + visceral fat)

Stopping the hormone leptin – the hormone that tells us to cease eating – from reaching the brain, high insulin levels also make matters so much worse by blocking our ability to feel full.

This is the reason why an obese person may always be hungry, because the brain thinks it is in starvation mode. It can honestly be stated that the definition of obesity could be leptin resistance, or constant hyperinsulinemia.

So, if one has quit sugar for some time, their insulin resistance will start to slowly reverse; their liver and the pancreas will day by sugar-free day restart their normal functions.

They will stop being obese because their body will start using up all the stored fat. They will regain the leptin signal in their body and start to feel full. They will be energized and no longer as unhealthy.

The goal of “Let’s Quit Sugar” is to get you back from the spiral caused by fructose and being addicted to sugar.

The key factor of both your weight loss and getting your metabolic health back is reducing one’s constantly high insulin level in the blood.

This can be done only if you let your liver heal by not eating sugar at all.

“Let’s Quit Sugar” is here to help you do that.


Who Authored “Let’s Quit Sugar”?

The author of “Let’s Quit Sugar” is Cory Kelby, who has tasted the bitterness of sugar addiction and metabolic consequences his body faced.

By trying and failing, he managed to eventually find the best plan to quit sugar addiction.

He states in the text of the system to have compiled it so that anyone who wants a tested, proven system that works may finally have one.

After some unfortunate events fell into his life, Cory decided it was high time to get things under control. He ultimately achieved everything he aimed for, but made some mistakes along the way that he thoroughly explains, so you won’t have to repeat them.

Cory is right, as one of his main points, that the trappings of sugar are all around us. Finding a method to avoid them and not get caught might be greater challenge than one would imagine.

The author of “Let’s Quit Sugar” speaks from his own experience, having gone through his own pits and downfalls, successfully emerging from the ordeal healthier and slimmer.

Knowing all the ploys of sugar addiction, he provides you with a system on how to start fresh, where and how to go grocery shopping, how to take control over your cravings and maintain a sugar-free lifestyle.

Cory also claims that he has written the book based on medical fact and not feel-good fiction. It certainly provides a detailed medical analysis that also offers citations and a bibliography to back up its claims.

What is more important is that it also incorporates the experience and advice of other addicts who successfully stopped their addiction and recovered from its adverse effects.

He treats sugar addiction like any other addiction or illness, one that can be overcome and does not have to control one’s life.

Once your body gets into better health, your mind will be relieved from bearing the burden of illness on it, so you will feel much better too.

Cory Kelby shares his first-hand experience of going cold turkey on all the sugar and junk food and all the tips and tricks on how to stay strong while being sugar- and junk -food free.


What Will You Get With “Let’s Quit Sugar”?

Unlike many of its counterparts, “Let’s Quit Sugar” promises much and delivers.

There are a number of unique features to the system that make it stand out as particularly useful:

  • Written in plain English, the guidance it offers is clear so that everyone may understand even the densest and confusing medical jargon.
  • The system thoroughly lays out in a comprehensive but direct way why sugar addiction happens, what leads us to it and how we can get out of it.
  • By providing concrete advice on how to go shopping and eating healthily, you will be able to quickly change your life merely by changing your habits.
  • It teaches you how to stay strong in saying “NO!” to sugar and not let your cravings control your life.
  • It includes an audiobook of all materials so you can “read” it on the go.

The “Let’s Quit Sugar” system includes 3 programs that you can either read or listen to. You also get a 60-Day Habit Tracker as a gift.

Let’s look at what each part of the system contains.

Program 1: What Makes Us Addicted

The first program of the “Let’s Quit Sugar” system sucks you into the personal story of Cory Kelby’s obesity and how he inadvertently found out he was addicted to sugar.

A thorough, in-detail explanation of everything you need to know about sugar and its effects on the human body, both mentally as an addictive substance, and physically as the leading cause of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and other potentially fatal medical conditions.

Cory Kelby will then lead you through his first big failure of what he and many others thought was a relatively easy health plan. He will explain why his sugar addiction made him fail miserably, leaving him needing a better one.


Program 2: Methods for Overcoming Sugar Addiction

The second program of the “Let’s Quit Sugar” system continues where the first left off, but this time Cory Kelby actually succeeded. He did all the hard work of trying, testing and modifying the plan into the sure-fire system that will lead almost anyone to losing as much weight as they want.

What you can learn and apply into your life from this part is how to defend yourself from unhealthy cravings, how to follow the rules to keep you sugar-free, how to recognize relapse triggers and the 5 steps you need to take to resolve any sugar crisis.


Program 3: Reinforce Your Sugar-Free Life

The final section of the “Let’s Quit Sugar” system teaches you all about the ins and outs of self-reliance.

Cory’s story illustrates that it is vital to unmake the mess you have made while letting sugar rein and ruin your life, and then re-learn how to behave healthily. It instructs you on how, for what and where to go grocery shopping without letting sugar and junk food affect all you have achieved in your new life.

As Cory Kelby learned from his own struggles, here is a manual on what to do and what to say if you find yourself at a party or event plagued by unhealthy food you are actively trying not to be surrounded by, and what to say, but not offend, to those offering you it.

At the very end, there are contacts of addiction recovery support groups to help keep you on the path and find a sponsor to have your back when passing through troubled waters.

A detailed bibliography is also included, with all the scientific resources the “Let’s Quit Sugar” system is based on.


What Makes “Let’s Quit Sugar” Effective?

“Let’s Quit Sugar” is a tried and true system that will change your life for the better if you follow it and systematically stay off sugar.

It will show you how and inspire you to successfully change your life – not just the food on your plate.

The “Let’s Quit Sugar” system helps you kick your sugar habit and reverse your insulin resistance.

Getting ahold of your sugar addiction will help you lose weight, stop your metabolic illnesses from worsening and progressing into life-threatening conditions, and will even help get your pancreas and liver back on track to fully functioning again.


Who Is “Let’s Quit Sugar” For?

The “Let’s Quit Sugar” system can benefit everybody regardless of age, sex, gender, occupation or past medical history as it causes no adverse side effects.

“Let’s Quit Sugar” is for anyone who wants to lose weight in the healthiest way possible.

If you suffer from any obesity-related diseases, this system is for you.

It’s a one-time payment, so it will save you a lot of money in the long-run on expensive medications and doctors’ visits if you stick to it.

Even if you do not see any bad signs of eating sugar in your own life, you can benefit from the “Let’s Quit Sugar” system.

Following it can be a precautionary measure to prevent what might otherwise happen if sugar takes control over your life and what to do to prevent it from happening.


What Do You Need To Make “Let’s Quit Sugar” Work For You?

“Let’s Quit Sugar” is not for those who are unwilling to help themselves get out of the poor metabolic state they are in.

If you refuse to adopt these methods which will transform you into a healthier version of yourself, then the “Let’s Quit Sugar” system cannot work for you.

If you are pregnant or nursing, or have an underlying medical condition, you should always consult your doctor before starting any new major life changes, including the “Let’s Quit Sugar” system.



The “Let’s Quit Sugar” system has a lot going for it.

Besides not having any gimmicks or requiring that you take any medicine, use a device, take supplements or subscribe to a diet-food program, the “Let’s Quit Sugar” system is all natural, letting your body heal itself.

Following its advice and instructions will help:

  • pre-diabetics stop the progression of their disease into type 2 diabetes
  • lower your blood sugar levels
  • reverse negative effects of type 2 diabetes
  • lose weight
  • reverse insulin resistance
  • lower insulin levels
  • lower lipid levels in your blood

There are also no shipping costs, as all materials come in digital form for the digital age.

All materials are sent instantly in eBook and Audio format, for almost any computer and electronic device.

In addition, “Let’s Quit Sugar” offers a money-back guarantee (within 60 days of purchase).



While there are not that many drawbacks, the main one is that “Let’s Quit Sugar” is not a magic wand to help you instantly get better.

It takes a little bit of patience, as well as a lot of practice and long term persistence.

It also may be too much for some to part with their unhealthy ways to turn a page in their life and start living healthily.


Where To Purchase “Let’s Quit Sugar”?

The “Let’s Quit Sugar” system is available on its official website by link below.

“Let’s Quit Sugar” is a digital product, meaning you can immediately download all 3 programs to read and/or listen to upon purchase.

You will also receive a 60-Day Habit Tracker as a gift.

You will have almost two whole months to test “Let’s Quit Sugar” out.

If you cannot make it work for you like so many others have, then you have the full right to get your money back up to 60 days.


“Let’s Quit Sugar” Review: The Bottom Line

All in all, the “Let’s Quit Sugar” system will not only help keep your weight and insulin low, but your spirit and hopes high.

Ultimately, when it comes down to trying to lose weight and make sure that your body is functioning properly, it is better to deal with the challenge now then trying to find excuses or patch yourself up as things get worse and worse.

What would you rather deal with?

Would you rather have to constantly battle the consequences of obesity, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, constant high-blood sugar levels, high levels of insulin and lipids in the blood just so you can eat as much sugar as you want?

Even if you are not experiencing any of these now, they are all threats facing as you wind down the road of life unless you take certain actions.

The “Let’s Quit Sugar” system helps advise you on what you need to do in order to reverse the adverse effects sugar has already made and stop it from controlling your life… Read more…