Long Shot Sniper – Value Horse Racing Tipster Service

Long Shot Sniper

Do you want to make £ doing nothing more than placing a few bets every day? Long Shot Sniper is a revolutionary new service will alert you via email every day with High-Value Odds bets. It’s a simple 2-minute process to check your email and then places your bets at your bookmaker.

Following tipsters can be just as profitable for both the bookies and the tipsters but not you. Some begin okay, but you quickly find your profits dwindling as the tipster’s form sinks and suddenly you can’t buy a win for love nor money.

Finding a betting strategy that performs as it says it will is like finding a needle in a haystack!

But if you DO want to make money from betting on the horses then Long Shot Sniper gives YOU an entirely new and different approach…

Using this ingenious yet straight-forward selections process you will be making thousands of pounds in just a matter of days.

With Long Shot Sniper you will benefit from:

  • 24-hour support
  • consistent strike rates
  • the best odds guaranteed
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • no recurring billing

Long Shot Sniper actively targets runners with odds of between 7/1 – 33/1 and puts you in the driving seat for massive profit. Odds below this margin are only setting you up for upset, and anything above the 33/1 mark is highly unlikely to perform.

You will not win them all. You will not win 50% of them. You will be lucky to win 25% of them. Once you fully understand and believe this, you can begin to fully appreciate the power of this strategy… Read more…