The Lost Book Of Remedies

If you are interested in the old ways of doing things and incorporating that into your life, then The Lost Book Of Remedies is for you. This book is helping Americans achieve curative self-sufficiency even in the darkest times by saving the lost remedies of our grandparents.

The Lost Book Of Remedies is a physical book and has 300 pages, with 3 colored pictures for every plant and for every medicine that will help you identify it.

You’ll also discover the little things you need to look for in order to be 100% sure you’ve got the right plant and not a lookalike.

The Lost Book Of Remedies example page


It’s made for common folk with no previous plant knowledge. Especially now that we’ve lost so much of it to history. That’s why in times of crisis, this book will save many American lives.

If you’re at home, just open the “Backyard Weeds” chapter to find out what “medicines” you’re growing around your yard without even realizing it.

Medicines in the past ALL originated from plantsĀ until companies started making synthetic versions. This forgotten wisdom should be brought back. Today is your chance to play a role in doing that by putting The Lost Book of Remedies where it belongs: on your bookshelf or in your medicine cabinet.

When medicines will vanish, you’ll need this on your bookshelf… Read more…