Male-to-female Cross Dressing Guide

Wanna pass as a woman? Male-to-female “Cross Dressing Guide” is an e-book that gives you everything you need to create your own female image and female persona — in just a few short days.

It’s a program that would guarantee to help someone to achieve the feminine appearance one could only be dreamed about and to be the woman that one has always wanted to be.

Professional make-up skills, various male to female transformation techniques, disguise methods, psychological tricks and more…

Learn how to crossdress — and pass as a genetic female — from the most comprehensive feminization guide on the web…

… PLUS learn how you can develop your own female voice.

In the Male-to-female Cross Dressing Guide you’ll learn about:

  • How to be glamorous — Envy those Las Vegas showgirls? You can be one of them by learning my male to female makeovers. You don’t want to be just a crossdresser, you want to be a woman
  • How to do you own fantasy make-over — We cover how to do make your face to look like a normal woman. This will teach you to look like a Pamela Anderson
  • How to package yourself — What to wear to look like a teenaged slut that you always see inside one of those trendy dance clubs

Passing as a woman is one of the most important things as a crossdresser, transgenderist, transvestite or transsexual. Your goal is to be totally accepted as a woman when you go out.

Many of you have tried to find feminization tips and crossdressing advice online on how to become a crossdresser in order to pass as a woman.

When you’re ready to crossdress, what you need is a resource that doesn’t just give you copies of the same old information everyone else has. You need real crossdressing tips and sound advice, so you can figure out how to:

You need real crossdressing tips and sound advice, so you can figure out how to:

  • Create smooth female-like skin by using skin products and cosmetic that suit your own skin type
  • Make your own face by understanding the different kinds of faces needs different kinds of methods. You’ll learn male to female makeovers before after
  • Smell like a real woman by using real female pheromone. Don’t let masculine sweat blow your cover. This will greatly enhance your feminine appearance in ways you can imagine when you are cross-dressing
  • Create your own cleavages with my detailed step by step instructions. You want to look fertile in order to enhance your feminine appearance
  • Hide your ugly bulge even when you are in a revealing bathing suit. You want your “down there” to look nice and flat
  • Learn to dress as a female by knowing different styles of dresses, fashion tips, types of feminine garments. Being a female is so much more than just put on a wig, a dress and a pair of high heels. You want admiring glances instead of laughter
  • Behave as a woman using the techniques that will make you more lady than a real lady. You don’t want to behave like a biker when walking up and down the stairs, do you?
  • Walk like a female using feminine movements that will make you a fashion model. You don’t want to let your masculine movements blow your cover
  • Avoid common mistakes many crossdressers make which only make them look silly.

You will get the male feminization methods AND all tricks for blending in inside the female world.

PLUS, you get the fascinating background information on the psychology of invisibility, so you can pass as a female and fool everyone, not even your own mother can recognize you! Read more…