The Monster Mindset

The Monster MindsetAccess The Monster Mindset for building a ripped, muscular physique with only 3 minutes of extra training a day.

For the 1st time ever the mindset that took Arnold Schwarzenegger to his ultimate success has been decoded successfully by Jon Anderson, C Wilson Meloncelli and Juan Rojas.

Jon has used this mindset to become a world-class competitor in 3 different professional sports. Strongman, wrestling, and bodybuilding. Learn the secret code of the monster mindset.

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The Authors

Jon Anderson is a world-class professional competitor in 3 different disciplines. Strongman, wrestling and bodybuilding. Jon is also a strength and conditioning coach.

C Wilson Meloncelli is a flow state performance coach. One of only a handful of successful individuals who can hack the flow state and accelerate athletic performance. Wilson is also an ex-MMA champion, stuntman, and author of a number of books and flow programs.

Juan Rojas is a Canadian bodybuilding competitor, nutritional specialist and author of numerous athletic performance books and article published worldwide. Juan also coaches people to get in the best shape of their lives by changing their mindset and manipulating their training and nutrition strategies.

How The Monster Mindset Is Different?

The Monster Mindset is the first of its kind. It is a mental training program for building a ripped, muscular physique. Decoding the mindset of world-class champions in a simple and user-friendly way that has never been able to be recreated before. All goals are finally achievable by adding a simple 3-minute monster meditation into your day.

Key Benefits

  • Scientifically proven mental training that boosts strength by 53% without going into the gym.
  • Maximize male sex hormones for greater sex-drive and a year-round lean physique.
  • Only 3 minutes per day.
  • Nutrition tips in order to perform at a higher level of consciousness.
  • More energy mixed with a higher self-esteem to finally achieve success.
  • Increased knowledge on how important the mind is when it comes to doing things in the real world.

What You Get

Monster Mindset Manual – The body & mind transforming program for men mapped out in an easy to follow, step-by-step progression that will have you shifting your paradigm for success.

Monster Mindset Meditations – Simple, and powerful meditations required to unchain the monster Mindset.

Monster Mindset Workout Plans – Workout plans to keep track for your mind and body workouts. Its as if Jon Anderson is standing right next to you coaching you. You do not know working out until a professional bodybuilder puts you through these workouts.

Bottom Line

This mindset has been long forgotten throughout generations. Or better yet, it has never been taught to others, until now. This is what will take you from being mediocre to dominating the path you choose for yourself! Read more…