Muscles On Plants

Muscles On Plants is the vegan bodybuilding cookbook.

“No matter what your goal is; if it’s losing fat or building muscle or both! We need to make sure that we are getting enough calories and the right amount of nutrients in a day for the activity level that you are doing on a day to day basis. Muscles On Plants is all about it! Sivan has clearly done her homework and teaches you how to get enough calories, make delicious, vegan recipes and build muscles on a plant based diet. Extremely easy to follow, delicious recipes that will answer the body’s needs.”

What “Muscles On Plants” is Not:
– This is not one of those “eat a lot calorie-dense foods
(drink oils, eat all kinds of nuts, seeds, nut butter) and easily gain weight”
– This is not one of those “eat a lot of junk food
(chocolate, Oreo, cakes, etc.) and you will easily gain weight”.
– This is not a “buy those pills, gainers, powders, etc.”

Here is What You Get With Your Muscles on Plants Package:
1. A Complete Nutrition Guide
2. A Complete Food Table
3. Eating Clean Outside Guide
4. Training And Food Logs
5. Plant Based Bodybuilding – Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid!
6. VIP Membership Card
7. Free Updates & Additional Bonuses for Life! Read more…

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