Tutor Jobs Online | Get Paid to Teach Online

How would you like to sit in the comfort of your own home, tutor online, set your own schedule, have more time with your family and get a nice big fat paycheck at the end of the month?

Tutor Jobs Online is a perfect opportunity for teachers, topic experts or new grads that just don’t have time for a commute to a dead end, part-time job. OR, for anyone who wants to sit in their pajamas and work at home.

If online tutor jobs interests you, read on to know more about this exciting and amazing work opportunity!

Online Tutoring Jobs refers to classes that are taught exclusively over the Internet. Teachers and students communicate using tools such as e-mail, message boards, chat rooms, and video conferences.

Lectures can be delivered through downloadable MP3 files and Word/PDF handouts may be used to supplement other educational resources.

Online students range from kids to adults and even retirees. Most are individuals who want to advance their knowledge by taking their studies further.

You can earn as much as $30 to $120 dollars per hour. Payment for your services can be transferred by Wire Transfer, PayPal, Check, or through your ATM card. Remittance for your services is processed twice a month, every 15th and last day of the month.

And yes, anyone can teach online but it also has its requirements.

You don’t need to have a master’s degree or a professional teacher before you can teach online. Though some highly specialized courses require a master’s degree or teaching experience. Most of the jobs only require college-level attainment.

To be an effective online teacher, you should:

  • be able to sit in front of a computer for at least an hour or two every day
  • enjoy one-on-one interaction
  • be flexible in teaching approach and willing to experiment
  • be prepared to do a lot of writing/typing, and
  • be passionate about teaching and inculcating the subject matter

The only way you can find out how great all of this can be is to get started today.

You can be signing up for your very first job within minutes, even if you’re all the way from India, Australia, or even Singapore! That’s the beauty of the Internet, it’s a 24hour, World-Wide GOLDMINE!

You can work when you want and how you want. Everything is online, so once you signup you will have INSTANT ACCESS to the members’ area… Read more…