Paint Color Cheat Sheets

Want a faster and easier way to find the right paint color?

…then you will love this shortcut to the “Right Answers” in a Sherwin Williams Paint Color Cheat Sheets by Yelena Kublitski.

It’s a shortcut to the best, most popular, timeless Sherwin Williams paint colors that I have personally proven, tried and tested in real life.

So… what exactly is in the Paint Color Cheat Sheets?

  • 81 Timeless, Tasteful SW Colors
  • Accurate Descriptions of Each Color
  • Complementing Color Suggestions
  • Lighting and Placement Recs
  • Printable Paint Color Charts
  • Simple Instructions and Directions

In other words, the Paint Color Cheat Sheets are as close to foolproof and no-fail colors as you can get without days or weeks of choosing.

No more endless testing or second-guessing your choices. Simple. Fast. So you will spend less time choosing paint colors and more time actually enjoying them in your home.

The Paint Color Cheat Sheets will help you pick the right color the first time around. Read more…