Pencil Drawing Made Easy

Learning to draw is supposed to be difficult. With Pencil Drawing Made Easy you will be amazed at how quickly you progress.

It takes you from the very beginning and builds your ability up with each class. Each class is specially designed to become progressively more advanced in order to not overwhelm you.

All you need is a set of drawing pencils containing – 2H, H, HB, 2B, 4B, then a 6B or 8B pencil. A soft eraser and kneaded eraser. Drawing paper. All these can be bought online or at any good stationary store.

After the first six modules of the course, you won’t believe how quickly you have progressed and the quality of the work you have produced – now would be a good time to amaze your family with your new found artistic talent. You will probably even get a few commissions along the way.

With your drawing confidence at a new found high, it is time to take your ability to the next level by learning how to draw portraits.

During the mouth class, you will learn about the different components of the mouth and what to look out for which drawing them. You will learn how to make the lips look realistic, including the cracks in the lips that everybody battles with. You will learn how to make the teeth look sparkly and white. You will even learn how easy it is to show super fine detail like the reflections on the teeth.

After you have completed 26 hours worth of easy to follow, step by step training modules you will be very confident in your drawing ability. If you haven’t already started drawing your friends and family members, you will have no problem doing so.

With a bit more practice under your belt, you will be able to take on portrait commissions and draw them so realistic they will look like photos. You know how expensive commissioned portraits are? Well, now you will be receiving the money, not handing it over… Read more…