Pinterest Search Assistant – Chrome Extension

Pinterest Search Assistant  Chrome extension (PSA) is aimed to help you in your Pinterest marketing efforts.

When you search on Pinterest you can easily detect your own pins, and pins of your competitors in search results (or home feed) by bold dashed borders around pins.

Your own pins will have RED dashed borders, and your competitors pins will have BLUE dashed borders.

All you need to do is to create a list of substrings of your target URLs, like domains, or subdomains, or complete target URLs.

Any substring that can help to identify your link on a pin.

If ANY of these strings is contained in pin’s link URL, the corresponding pin will be highlighted with corresponding color border.

Please note that PSA does not highlight video pins, only image pins.


Key Benefits of Pinterest Search Assistant

  • Easily see how well your pins are ranked in Pinterest search results
  • Detect your stolen pins
  • See how well your competitor pins are ranked in Pinterest search results
  • Discover the pinning strategies of your competitors
  • Compare your own pinning strategy with successful competitor’s strategy


Immediately see your pins in Pinterest search results

When you make a search on Pinterest it’s often hard to identify your own pins among the wide majority of color images.

That is why Pinterest Search Assistant highlights your own pins with the bold RED dashed border. It catches the eye and easily detected.

Just enter the list of your domains in the RED list and you are OK.




Detect your stolen pins

If you see your image is NOT highlighted in search feed, that means that pin is linked to another site and is stolen from you.

Now you can report it as “Copyright or trademark infringement” or send a message to the owner of that account and ask him to delete that pin.


Look At Your Competitors

Discover the pinning strategy of your competitor

Investigate successful competitors to see their pinning strategy.

What is percentage of his own pins vs curated pins?

Some experts recommend that you should have on your boards 20% of your own pins and 80% of curated pins. Some say that the ratio should be 50/50.

Percentage can differ and nobody can guarantee that this works.

Recently I’ve got information that Pinterest does not want ANY repins at all, be it your own pins on other boards, or curated pins.

Only cold experimental facts should be taken into account.

My logic is that if you see a well ranked pin and it lives on board with repins, it makes sense to take this fact into account.

Open appropriate board of your competitor and put his claimed website domain in BLUE list for competitor links.

All pins linked to his domain will be highlighted with BLUE borders.

Now you can see the whole picture:

  • How often he pins his own pins vs curated pins and estimate the percentage of each
  • The manner he pins – batch of his pins and batch of curated, or they alternate
  • How many pins he pins in order (the max number)


Compare with your own pinning strategy

Do the same as above with your own boards and compare your results with the results you have collected for competitors.

Try to mimic their strategies.

You can easily delete all third-party repins from your boards with the help of PSA. Just visit your board and delete all pins that have no borders around them.

Just make sure that all your domains are listed in the List of your links (RED border) so you will not accidentally delete your own pins.


How many pins your competitor creates for each individual blog page

Popular question is how many pins is OK to create on given board for each individual blog post or product page?

Let’s look at the successful competitor and discover this.

Open his appropriate board and copy exact URL from any of his pins (right click on link and copy link address).

Put this exact URL in BLUE list for competitor links. Make sure this is the single string in the BLUE list, so we will have the valid results.

Now slowly scroll down all his pins and see how many pins are highlighted. This is the answer to the question.

You can repeat this procedure several times with his different URLs.


See how well your competitor is ranked in Pinterest search

Enter domains of your competitors in BLUE list and you will see how their pins (marked by BLUE borders) are ranked beside your pins (marked by RED borders).



Is It Safe For Your Pinterest Account?

Pinterest Search Assistant Chrome Extension is safe for your Pinterest account as it does not create any extra load on Pinterest system, copyright issues or any violations.



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