Progressive Yoga

Progressive Yoga program is a simplified, non-traditional yoga for the tight, athletic or practical-minded.

If you’re tight, athletic or practical-minded and looking for a non-traditional approach to yoga, Progressive Yoga is your system.

Overcome plateaus, break boundaries and defuse stubborn problems by renowned teacher, Scott Sonnon, the “World’s Smartest Workout” Coach (according to Men’s Health Magazine).

His methodologies recognized by Men’s Health magazine as “guaranteed to build muscle and burn fat anywhere, anytime”.

Based on science, and without any cultural reference or religious methods, this purely physical approach to restoring resting length to tight muscles and connective tissue is perfect for people who need a no-nonsense, time-efficient, comprehensive, and practical method of resetting the body.

Who It Is For?

Progressive Yoga was designed for those who’re “heavily compensated” – that means people who have done a lot of physical activities, or done without a lot of physical activity for a long time.

If you’re highly athletic and young, or mostly over-worked and older, similar problems occur: you’re tight. Progressive Yoga, as a result, is for everyone who wants to progress in their yoga, and not be stuck trying to perform a particular style that wasn’t designed for their current tight condition.

If you’re new to exercise, this is the ideal program to start, because it’s designed to take you through step-by-step from the first to the last, without skipping or rushing.

The first level of each program is accessible to almost everyone. From the end of the first week, you’ll feel different… Read more…