R-95 Reusable Face Masks

The problem with the homemade masks is they leak like crazy.

It means that air is going to follow the path of least resistance.

You need a true filtering mask – R-95 Reusable Face Mask.

R-95 Reusable Face Masks comes with 3 things:
1. Reusable filter
2. Two exhalation valves
3. Reusable mask

It’s super comfortable and made with breathable material.

Key Benefits

  • Creates an airtight seal around the nose, cheeks, and chin
  • Exhalation Valve makes for an easy breathing experience
  • The mask material is stretchy and breathable for maximum comfort
  • It’s not going to chafe
  • Comfortable against your skin
  • The ear loops ensure the mask will never slip down
  • The mask and filter are washable.

This is the best mask I have been able to find. I tried a few and they were so uncomfortable I couldn’t wear them for more than a few minutes. This one fits great and after a while, I forget I have it on.
– Ralph V.

The R95 with the one-way exhalation valves installed. The valves allow for easier exhales and more fresh air. The valves close while inhaling.

One size fits all for a tight, comfortable fit for anyone. Each R95 Mask Kit comes with 1 reusable mask, 2 exhalation valves, & 1 disposable filter… Read more…