Model Buildings For Model Railroads and Trains

If you are building a model railroad layout or scenic diorama we hope you enjoy constructing these easy to follow plans. Model Buildings For Model Railroads and Trains provide a big range of easy-to-make model buildings for model railroaders and other diorama hobbyists.

Realistic scenery brings a railroad to life.

The scenery is what ultimately distinguishes a model railroad from a toy train set. The scenery is about the setting and telling a story about the trains and the landscape they travel through.

While many miniature railroads are never completely finished, adding some good scenery and structures can go a long way to giving that ‘finished’ look.

If you are looking to buy plastic kits, or railroad buildings from cardstock, or purchasing laser cut railway buildings… then consider these railroad structures as a cost-effective high-quality alternative. They are not just plans, but are complete printable designs delivered by instant download directly to your computer… so you can make as many copies as you want from the one download. Simply print them on the paper or card of your choosing. You can adapt them to fit whatever scene scenario you are modeling.

The plans can be purchased individually by download as a PDF file for printing out to the scale of your choice. Guidelines for scaling the printer settings are included on this site.

The printable model kits for sale here are easy to assemble, extremely strong when constructed, and are already pre weathered so there is no painting required. When you look through the designs on this website you’ll see how amazingly realistic these downloadable card kit railroad structures are, and how easy they are to build from scratch. They’ll look great on a layout with trains operating on the scene.

You can make your scale buildings from cardstock, foam, or corflute. You can simply assemble them or add additional internal strengthening if you want to make your railways’ buildings super strong. Basswood, balsa wood, corflute, and foam are ideal materials for making bases, floors, or adding internal supports to walls or roofs. Doing this is a really easy process and will ensure your train station, signal box, or any model railway building withstands the test of time… Read more…