RDS Physique Building Program

RDS Physique Building Review - Is It The Best Muscle Sculpting Program?

RDS DeanRDS Physique Building Program is the fitness/bodybuilding industry’s FIRST guide with a BODY-HACK tactic allowing you to eat whatever you want while losing fat WITH NO CARDIO.

Most programs out there are missing the revolutionary dietary formula that optimizes muscle growth, INDIVIDUALIZED for each person…

They’ll give you a cookie-cutter diet, or general ‘advice’ on what to eat, when to eat, or foods you should avoid.

But Physique Building, on the other hand, is a splash of arctic water to the face, a wake-me-up.

It combines a scientifically-backed approach to dieting with formulas that are designed for each individual.

This dieting individualization approach is structured in such a way so that you GAIN THE MOST AMOUNT OF MUSCLE in the least amount of time, with minimal to no fat gain.

  • A 2-in 1 PDF + BONUS, e-Book format (exercise + diet)
  • Week by week training program that guarantees muscle stimulus, adaption and growth.

The best part, Physique Building is for all ages and levels of fitness. If you’re a beginner, this is the only program you’ll ever need to start building an incredible physique.

Physique Building functions on 2 main premises. That of dieting, and that of training.

This IS the blueprint for maximizing the perfect human body in every way, shape, and form. Now is the chance to embark on your greatest journey… Read more…