Rewind Your Romance

How to respark any romance?

Rewind Your Romance course by Samantha Sanderson, a professional dating coach for women and a bestselling author, is the ultimate, step-by-step, easy-to-follow go-to guide for any woman who wants to “rekindle” the romance in her relationship, or re-attract a man back into her life and make things 10 times better than before.

Is This Different?

Is it “unethical” and “cheating” if I use this to get my ex back so easily?

Remember, this is the ONLY system out there that brings your ex back by using scientific research that revolves around “psychological loopholes” that control a person’s behavior.

And once you get him back, he’ll cherish and need you as much as he treasures life itself.

There is currently nothing like this out there on the market. Period.

Inside Rewind Your Romance you’ll discover:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes people make when trying to get their ex back on Social Media
  • The 12 things NOT to do when you’re making contact with your ex, otherwise you’ll just end up pushing them away
  • How to use Facebook to plant emotional seeds in his mind that grow into compelling reasons to get back with you
  • How to make your ex lust for you again – not just ordinary romantic interest – I’m talking about red hot lust… a steaming passion coming from within, that drives him to lust for you until he can bear it no more, and finally sees the light & comes back
  • Then you’ll learn what to do when you do start meeting again, how to pass all the subtle ‘tests’ he may pull on you

And you’ll learn one of Samantha’s specialties – The Instant Competition Crusher – because make no mistake, his eye is already wandering!

There are temptations all around him, even if he’s not consciously aware of it. Men are just wired that way

Does It Work?

This system works on any man you previously had an emotional connection with, and it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you’re like.

Remember, we’re exploiting the same psychological loopholes that automatically bypass thought filters. This is why these methods work regardless of your situation.

This course will also work for long-distance relationships. There is a specific section devoted to people in long-distance relationships and this course is specifically designed to cover more than 99% of relationships break down situations, from short term to long term.

Rewind Your Romance is 100% digital, which means you can view it immediately on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

All of the steps, lessons, and techniques are laid out for you on your screen for you to follow along with… Read more…