Rock Hard Formula

9 Superherbs Formula For Men Who Want Exceptional Sexual PerformanceWhat makes Rock-Hard Formula unique is that it’s a Superherb POWDER. You just add 2 teaspoons to hot water, stir and drink. Couldn’t be simpler (it’s just like making Instant Coffee)…

And, it’s much more cost-effective than any capsule product on the market.

Rock-Hard Formula can help you achieve VERY IMPRESSIVE Sexual Performance! The kind of Sexual Performance any Alpha Male would be proud of!

You can absolutely improve your performance and confidence in the bedroom… and perform like a Total Stud…

Satisfying your woman, over and over again, every night of the week!

Rock-Hard Formula is a unique blend of the 9 Superherbs from Elwin Robinson and Adam Armstrong. While each is powerful on its own – together, as mixed in the very specific quantities, their power is greatly enhanced.

This is a physical product – supplement in packets, so please allow 3-5 working days for delivery of Rock Hard Formula to the USA and Canada, 7-14 days to the UK and Mainland Europe, and up to 21 days for International Orders.

What Makes Rock-Hard Formula Better Than other Testosterone and Sexual Performance Boosting Supplements, Pills, and Capsules?

The difference is, Rock Hard is not really a supplement, although they have to classify it as one. In reality, it’s simply a herbal tea, which many of their customers drink in the morning in place of their morning coffee or tea.

how to use Rock Hard Formula supplement


1. It works long-run
2. You do not have to swallow a fistful of pills or capsules every day
3. There are no toxic fillers and additives that do you more harm than good
4. Effective
5. It has no side-effects

Here Are The 5 Huge Benefits You’ll Get When You Drink Rock-Hard Formula…

1. Healthy, Optimal Testosterone Levels
2. Healthy Circulation to your extremities, especially to your ‘most Prized Asset’
3. Truly HUGE Loads
4. More Sensitive, Pleasurable and Intense Ejaculations
5. Effortlessly High Libido – just like that of a Horny Teenager


If you drink ONE cup of Rock-Hard Formula – then forget to drink it… or only drink it once or twice a month – you might not bother!

Because it’ll only work well, and you’ll only get the best benefits from it, if you drink ONE CUP A DAY, at least 3+ days a week.

Please commit to that! (It’s quick and easy… it’ll literally take you just a few seconds a day)… Read more…