Save On Airfare: The Definitive Guide To Flying For Less

Now, the fired travel agent is out for revenge by unleashing the industry-shattering new guide: “Save On Airfare: The Definitive Guide To Flying For Less.” Tony Chau was a best-selling travel agent for many years before he was fired for sticking it up to the greedy travel agency.

This ground-breaking guide will finally expose to you the deepest, darkest, most insane secrets and loopholes of the travel industry to show you how to finally fly for less at the biggest possible bargains.

The fired travel agent reveals it all in this one insider guide that we believe will be an incredible asset in your arsenal that will help you fly for less for the rest of your life.

Here are just a few loopholes that will be revealed to you in “Save On Airfare”:

  •  How to fly in first-class for free
  •  Airlines’ booking statistics that they’ve been tight-lipped about for decades
  •  The ultimate loophole on how to transfer a non-transferable airline ticket!
  •  How to buy airfare tickets at astonishing bargains from agents who typically only market to undocumented immigrants looking to get a cheap flight back to their home country.
  •  The definitive guide on how to buy dramatically reduced airfare tickets right at the airport. Hint: You must know exactly the obscure location to look, and know the magic words to say to the agent!
  •  How to take advantage of airline companies’ ticket pricing systems giving up to thousands of discounts on tickets!
  •  The secret loophole to gain elite status at the major airlines in the quickest possible way so that you can travel in luxury
  •  Plus much, much more

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