SetForget Pattern Profit

SetForget Pattern Profit is a brand new Karl Dittmann’s fantastic forex BUY/SELL Pattern Indicator based on special price patterns.

A lot of traders have already made a lot of winning trades since the launch of the brand new “SetForget Pattern Profit”.

The main page has been recently updated with something exciting that all of you wanted to see: +3219 Pips, 5/5 Huge Wins – Live Profit Video.

This is a special indicator that is based on the most profitable price patterns that happen very often in forex. On top of patterns, it is also equipped with unique filters and special algorithms that enable it to generate amazing profitable signals.

This indicator looks slightly different that my other tools. It shows buy/sell entry signals, stoploss and 3 TakeProfits right on your chart. You can choose any of the TakeProfits depending on your trading style.


3000+ Pips Video – Brand New BUY/SELL Indicator

“SetForget Pattern Profit” also informs you about every new signal via pop up sound alert, email alert or a push notification sent to your mobile.

As soon as you get a signal alert (you don’t have to be chained to the PC) you just enter the trade, place your stoploss and choose any of the 3 given TakeProfits. That’s it! 100% Set & Forget trading!

Signals NEVER REPAINT. The indicator works on M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1. All currency pairs, but there are a couple that show best results (I will share them in the user guide that comes with this indicator)

“SetForget Pattern Profit” also has a special informer that shows indicator name, last signal (buy or sell), time left until next candle and current time.

“Pips Wizard Pro” is designed to work on MT4 platforms. It is NOT an EA or Robot, but a powerful pattern indicator software with accurate buy/sell signals.

Follow the signals and make profit.

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New Highly Profitable Indicator – Results are WOW!

I’ve just got my own copy of a brand new unique forex indicator called – “SetForget Pattern Profit”

It is an extremely smart trading tool that has been professionally taught to quickly detect most profitable and reliable forex patterns that happen all the time!

SetForget Pattern Profit” is very smart and super accurate. I’ve never seen such precise and well configured indicator before… (see live profit screenshots)

“SetForget Pattern Profit” is also equipped with a tight StopLoss, 3 types of signal alerts, helpful informer, option to display actual values of TakeProfit and StopLoss levels and an option that automatically changes colors of the signals.

And ofcourse, it also comes with an easy to read and understand detailed step-by-step user guide.

I highly recommend you also get your own copy and start making profit with me.

New Amazing BUY/SELL Pattern Indicator

The brand new indicator “Set Forget Pattern Profit” is surprising me with great results everyday!

Here is a new live action profit screenshot for you: EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD – 3 Profit Screens in 1!

The new special price pattern recognition system that is embedded in this powerful trading tool allows it to generate super profitable signals with very high accuracy.

See the new 3 in 1 Profit Screenshot and imagine that amazing feeling of making trades like these with 100% confidence every single day.

You NEED This New Trading Tool – Mega Profit Screenshot

O wow! The accuracy and profitability of my brand new “SetForget Pattern Profit” indicator is fantastic!

You will totally love this new mega screenshot that shows you 6 different pairs and 6 amazing wins executed with this new indicator – (New “6 in 1” Screenshot).

If you use “SetForget Pattern Profit” and simply follow some of the most important trading rules that I explain in the guide – you could be making highly profitable and confident trades in no time!

If you want to make profit, then you NEED this.

I really want to hear about your success. Once you win your first 2-3 trades, please
write me an email and share your feedback!

New Accurate Indicator: +600 Pips Screenshot

The brand new “SetForget Pattern Profit” indicator is phenomenal. I am very happy for your amazing feedback! Thanks a lot my friends!

I really like using “SetForget Pattern Profit” on H4. H4 and D1 are much more stable than lowers TFs, so it’s easier to make big profitable trades on them.

To better understand what I am talking about, see this New +600 Pips H4 Screenshot – Very Impressing!

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