She Lifts

If you’re the kind of girl who wants to quickly build sexy, feminine muscle, while getting leaner and stronger (all without bulking up and getting fat-looking), then an easy-to-follow She Lifts workout program and nutrition plan will show you how.

This program is for girls who want to lift weights instead of doing hours of boring cardio. It uses the DUP Method that is a strength program for women based on Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP). DUP is the latest fitness trend.

With She Lifts You Will Learn…

  • 5 lies all fitness professionals tell women.
  • How J-Lo got her booty.
  • The 3 exercises that make your boobs look bigger and your waist look smaller.
  • The method that allows you to eat more food without getting fat.
  • How to burn more calories by doing less exercise.
  • A secret, “back door” way of burning fat while you sleep.
  • 10 reasons why you need to be strength training.
  • The 4 muscle myth busters.
  • The scientific EPOC method so that you can…

She Lifts is the only strength training program on the market for women who want to lift heavy, build muscle, and lose fat.

  • 7 breakthrough lifting programs for women.
  • Easy to follow program for girls who actually want to build muscle, strength, and lose fat (without bulking up and getting fat looking).
  • Templates for girls who want to train 2x per week, 3x per week, 4x per week, and 5x per week.
  • Programs for girls who are beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

Created by Fitness Professionals: a personal trainer and diet coach Mike Samuels and a Rocket Scientist Jason Maxwell.

What Do The Workouts Look Like?

Great question! So today, I’ll give you a sneak peek of a workout you can try.

The strategy behind She Lifts is to build strength in your entire body first. This will allow you to create a foundation of total body strength – plus you can eat more calories throughout the day AND get leaner.

The workouts are designed to build around your hourglass figure, building muscle so that you develop and maintain your sexy feminine curves. You see…

Programs for men prioritize building your arms and chest. Women need to prioritize their glutes, upper back, upper chest, and shoulders. If you do a program designed for women, then you’ll build that sleek, feminine, and sexy body you’re striving for, without looking bulky.

So let’s go! Here’s a sample workout from She Lifts:

Exercise Sets Reps Weight/Load Rest Tempo
1. Back Squat 4 5 RPE 8 2-4 mins 2:1:1
2. Dumbell Stiff-Legged Deadlift 3 8 RPE 8 2-3 mins 2:1:1
3. Bench Press 3 6 RPE 8 2-3 mins 2:1:1
4. Single-Arm Dumbell Row 3 8 per side RPE 8 2-3 mins 2:0:2
5A. Seated Dumbell Press 3 8 RPE 8 2:0:1
5B. LatPulldown (Close Grip) 3 8-10 RPE 8 2:0:2
5C. Decline Plank 3 Maximum Time RPE 10 1-3 mins

The workout above is Workout 1, Week 1 from the 3-Day per week She Lifts workout schedule.

As you can see, the goal of the first 4 exercises is to build strength over your entire body. A strong body is a lean and sleek body.

The last 3 exercises are designed to sculpt the shoulders, upper back, and core. They are performed in a circuit in order to help burn fat at the same time.

Give this workout a try when you go to the gym today, and if you love it, grab the entire She Lifts Program on sale here. Grab it today and don’t miss out on building a stronger, leaner, and sleeker physique… Read more…