Shipping Container Home Made Easy

Do you want to know how to build your dream home for a fraction of the cost of buying a standard house?

Shipping Container Home Made Easy is a digital program by Adam Ketcher, a Building Contractor, that will teach you step-by-step how to build your very own shipping container home.

Adam has personally built 146 shipping container homes for his clients.

And he’s experienced just about every building situation imaginable.

Now you can give yourself and your family a safe & beautiful home they’ll be proud to call their own.

You’ll build it without headaches, mistakes, or irritating delays…

Here Are Some of The Secrets You’ll Discover

  • Where to find a surplus of brand new shipping containers where owners will take just about anything to get them off their hands – sometimes even giving them to you for free or PAYING YOU to take them.
  • You shouldn’t pay more than this much for your containers. If anyone is trying to gouge you for more than this number, then look elsewhere!
  • The biggest mistake new owners make when building their homes. And how to avoid it to sidestep years of potential headaches and tens of thousands of dollars.
  • How to find shipping containers in your immediate area while dodging the expensive transportation costs of distant suppliers. And how to negotiate to get them for the lowest price possible.
  • Adam’s fiercely guarded secret to getting high-quality containers for pennies on the dollar.
    The mistake 95% of people make when purchasing their shipping containers.
  • Exact, step by step process for building your home while avoiding nightmare mistakes and wasted money on bad decisions.
  • Many more…

Remember, this is the only program on the market written by the world’s #1 authority on shipping container homes.

EVERYTHING you need to build your own shipping container home is right here in this program… Read more…