Shoulder Flexibility Solution By Eric Wong

Shoulder Flexibility Solution package

Shoulder Flexibility SolutionShoulder Flexibility Solution is one of the Eric Wong’s programs to help active people eliminate pain and improve mobility.

Typical static stretching is by far the least effective method for improving your flexibility long-term.

So what’s the answer for my TIGHT shoulders?

Through years of study and experimentation on Eric himself and his athletes, observing what works and what doesn’t, he’s identified 9 distinct factors that must be addressed to ensure rapid gains in flexibility.

Once you release your tight shoulders, you’ll flow through life more effortlessly and you’ll wonder why your workouts used to seem so hard.

Introducing The 6-Step Shoulder Flexibility System

1. Mobilize the joint

2. Address tissue quality

3. Deactivate overactive muscles

4. Create new cross-bridges

5. Stabilize the new rom

6. Functional integration

This system is based on science and, when followed, you’re sure to feel looser than you have in years.

Once you’ve learned the exercises, each routine takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, start to finish. You only do 1 routine a day, 6 days a week.

After 7 days of following the program as I’ve outlined, you can expect to feel looser when doing simple movements like reaching up overhead or exercises like Pushups.

While approximately 85% of the exercises are performed with your bodyweight only, a few exercises do require some equipment, including:

  • a rubber resistance band or pulley
  • a stability ball
  • a foam roller and a hardball like a lacrosse ball or baseball.

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