Simple Development Systems Fundraising

Do you need a solid fundraising plan? This Simple Development Systems Fundraising guide was written just for you. Learn the secrets to developing a donor-centric fundraising plan for your nonprofit organization and raise all the money you need to focus on your mission – instead of chasing dollars.

Simple Development Systems will cut to the chase, leaving you with the framework to develop a successful donor-centric fundraising plan for your organization. Why donor-centric? You’re looking to build lifetime donors and raise the money your organization needs now – and in the years to come – aren’t you?

Building multiple streams of income is your answer and Simple Development Systems will show you step-by-step how to:

  • Grow your donor database and build an email supporter list
  • Create a monthly giving program to create sustaining monthly income – and build stronger donor loyalty
  • Target small to mid-size foundations for general operating support grants

Simple Development Systems is absolutely easy to use, easy to understand and covers all of the topics.

At a mere 120 pages, Simple Development Systems is a short read. Don’t mistake short for lacking in substance – or results. This book is packed chock-full of information for the small shop, cutting out all of the fluff and leaving you with a plan for donor-focused fundraising now and into the future.

Either way, Pamela Grow’s Simple Development Systems eBook is a fantastic resource. You can raise exponentially more money for your nonprofit. And Simple Development Systems can help you get it done, by giving you the steps to raise money now and well into the future. And it’s right here, right at your fingertips, waiting for you to take that next step. Read more…