Speed Training For Hockey

Speed Training For Hockey bookSpeed separates the elite players from the average ones. Speed Training for Hockey is the best step-by-step blueprint for developing game-changing speed, quickness, and stamina.

Playing hockey today requires a significant and constantly growing time commitment.

With this in mind, it is essential that players make the best use of their limited training time by following a training program that cuts out the fluff and only includes proven effective methods.

This is exactly why Kevin Neeld wrote Speed Training for Hockey.

What is the Speed Training for Hockey system?

Speed Training for Hockey is a comprehensive, 12-week off-season training program that’s specifically designed to help you reach your genetic speed potential – no matter your age or current skill level.

Every athlete can benefit from getting faster. After all, there’s no such thing as “too much speed.

Unlike other training programs that are borrowed from unrelated sports and training pursuits, Speed Training for Hockey is designed specifically for the unique demands of hockey.

You’ll not just know “what” you need to do to train effectively to maximize on-ice speed, you’ll also understand the “why” behind all of the training methods.

Speed Training for Hockey is the synthesis of everything Kevin knows about speed development for hockey players.

You can get it as Physical Book or as downloadable Digital Book.

Here’s what you get with Speed Training for Hockey:

  • Comprehensive hockey-specific off-season training programs for U-14, U-18, and 18 & over players totaling 36 weeks of programming, all designed with the specific purpose of increasing on-ice speed.
  • An extensive exercise video database demonstrating proper technique for every exercise and drill included in the program, so you know how to execute the program exactly how you would if Kevin was your personal coach.
  • A systematic 20-item performance testing battery, which enables you to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and track training progress over time.
  • A user-friendly text that describes all of the factors that influence speed development, so you can understand exactly why the methods work.

I firmly believe that the training programs contained in this book are the most effective methods in existence for developing world-class hockey speed. Read more…