Spy Escape & Evasion Review

Spy Escape & Evasion Review
Spy Escape & Evasion Review

Ever see the FBI and CIA guys on TV pick a lock in seconds? Jason Hanson, former CIA Officer, and Security Specialist shares never before seen Spy Escape And Evasion techniques. As seen on the hit ABC TV show “Shark Tank“. Learn critical survival tactics that can literally mean the difference between life and death for you or a member of your family. These invaluable skills should be known by anyone and everyone concerned about their personal safety.

The online training consists of showing people how to pick locks, how to disappear, how to escape zip ties and duct tape, the three tiers of survival gear, and much more.

During the Spy Escape & Evasion class, you’ll learn body language secrets usually reserved for the CIA and FBI.

You now have the opportunity to get instant online access to Spy Escape & Evasion and you don’t have to leave your home and travel anywhere.

Jason Hanson is sharing this normally classified information for a short time, along with:

  • How to disable any attacker with a “special” ink pen
  • How to hide anything, even a gun, in plain daylight
  • How to gather “DIRT” on anybody
  • How to access the CIA black market for gear
  • What to do if you’re kidnapped
  • How to escape handcuffs
  • How to disappear in a crowd in seconds
  • What you need to know about fake IDs
  • CIA social engineering secrets
  • How to become a human lie detector
  • How to hot-wire a car

This program also features Jason’s Sharp Shooter training and the Family Protection Association in the informational members’ area.

30 Day Sharpshooter training teaches how to make your shots count:

  • “Blank Panel” and “5-Square Drill” With detailed instructions on schedule for Monday-Friday practice that takes less than 5 minutes each
  • Inlcudes downloadable targets

Family Protection Association:

  • Weekly newsletters with valuable skills, life-saving tricks, hacks, and advice from a staff of more than 25 survival and preparedness experts
  • Video Training Courses
  • E-books on survival, bushcraft, emergency preparedness, home and self-protection, self-reliance, and more
  • Peace of mind knowing you have the skills and preparation to protect yourself and your loved ones

This is truly invaluable information that will give you a leg up in all areas of your life. And there’s still a lot more you’re going to learn in Spy Escape & Evasion…

Can you guess the 2-second move that makes you virtually IMPOSSIBLE to hit in a fist fight… It’s stupid simple but amazingly effective, be sure to grab that part.

Just learning how a CIA agent thinks is worth the read. Almost everything is the opposite of what you would think. It’s weird… Read more…