DIY Survival Sanctuary

There’s nothing worse for a man than to watch your family suffer and not be able to do a damn thing about it.

Survival Sanctuary book by James Miller is a set of 25 quick-and-easy projects for your off-grid escape.

This book is very beginner-friendly, with clear diagrams and instructions.

It features everything you need to make your home or bug-out location self-reliant.

Full of high-quality diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions.


How It’s Different?

These were my 3 major gripes with other books and internet resources:

1. Too broad with hundreds of pages full of overwhelming info and projects. Most of the content also often felt copied straight from the most popular survival handbooks.

2. Too elite because it’s told by gurus who think you’re a master craftsman with a workshop full of specialized and expensive tools.

3. Too vague, with missing instructions, wrong measurements and low-quality pictures (or sometimes even no visuals at all).

This is exactly why James wanted to publish Survival Sanctuary and combat all that low-quality effort.

The book doesn’t use any so-called ‘DIY lingo’, so it’s not reserved for elite handymen.

Even if you are faced with a more difficult project in this book, there is nearly always an easier alternative in the same chapter.

Survival Sanctuary is focused on these things:

  • Narrow it down to the BEST Tried and Tested DIY Off-Grid Projects you can do to make a truly self-sufficient home.
  • Make it as accessible as possible, with easy instructions even a child could understand.
  • Be precise, by telling you exactly WHAT you need, down to the size of the vise and with high-quality diagrams.



What’s Inside

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find:

Chapter 1: Four Easy Ways to Generate Your Own Electricity at Home

In the first chapter of this book, James will teach you an easy method to build your own Generator from Used Car Parts.

Including a Windmill, Water Mill, Home Solar Power System.

Chapter 2: Growing Your Own Food – In Small Spaces

Chapter 3: How to Preserve and Store Your Food

Devices such as dehydrators, freezer driers and – more commonly – traditional fridges and freezers, are all good ways to make perishable food last longer.

But as we have learned during this presentation, all of these can eventually FAIL.

Luckily, you can now Build Your Own Freeze Dryer with just some basic tools

The Root Cellar is one of the oldest known methods of storing food and is still a very effective one, which is why it’s so popular with homesteaders, preppers and enthusiasts of traditional culture.

Chapter 4: A Simple & Cheap Alternative to Air Conditioning

In this chapter, James tells you exactly how to make your own cheap air coolers.

They’re so cheap to make and efficient to run, plus you can put one in every room for maximum cooling.

Chapter 5: Collecting and Storing Water Off-Grid

Chapter 6: Build Your Own Radio

Chapter 7: Make Your Own Weapons and Traps



Survival Sanctuary – a condensed DIY Off-Grid Bible with tons of detailed illustrations and blueprints, simple explanations, and clear measurements.

Featuring tried-and-tested designs that James has adapted himself to be more robust, easier to repair and, most of all – are simple and cheap to build.

Depending on where you get your pieces – whether it’s freecycle or a scrap yard, and what tools you already have lurking around, they could be they’ll hardly cost a thing.

If I had Survival Sanctuary from the get-go 9 years ago, I would’ve gotten so much further by now than I am today… Read more…