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The Betting Experts

The Betting Experts make betting MORE than a game of luck or ‘a bit of fun’. They make it a Financial Strategy that brings more than L130,000 per person per year on a level of a professional tipping business.
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Matched Betting

Bookmakers have special offers for new and existing customers. To get an offer you usually have to place a qualifying bet.

With Matched Betting you place the bet with the bookmaker and lay the exact same bet at the exchange. You will more or less break even and qualify for a free bet.
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Betting Gods VIP

As a Betting Gods VIP member, you’ll receive regular exclusive football and horse racing tips along with full write ups that aren’t available anywhere else.

We interview professional punters, traders, industry experts and famous sportsmen to get insightful information from the people who know what they’re doing.
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Sports Trading Exposed

The combination of trading theory, techniques, videos and the psychology behind trading. You have everything you need to immediately start successful, reduced risk trading. Sports Trading Exposed is the most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written for beginners and experienced traders.

Sports Trading Exposed fully explains the theory behind trading on Betfair and gives you the inside baseball on the techniques, tips and tricks.

Sports trading is fast and furious. You have to think and act quickly to keep up. The use of 3rd party software helps to make trading more manageable by keeping you quick and nimble, but the learning curve is steep.

Sports Trading Exposed helps you quickly take advantage of the full potential of 3rd party software. It provides an intensive overview of its features, how they work, and how they can be used to substantially reduce your risk and increase your earnings… Read more…

Half Time Winners PDF

What is better than just watching and following the great game?

You got it! Making money from football!

Half Time Winners PDF is a fully researched and up to date list of teams from around the world that we recommend that you back to be in the lead at the end of the first half of the match. These teams are statistically noted for being in the lead at half time most of the times that they play a game.

The list also contains a staking plan that you can use, so once you download it you can immediately embark on some betting in the half time market with confidence.

Half Time Winners is the PDF that tells you what teams to bet on in the half time betting market.

This list comes in the form of a PDF and you can direct download it right here… Read more…