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BarStarzz BTX 3.0

Get the best body of your life in 12 weeks by Barstarzz. You’re on your way to a whole new body. The BarStarzz BTX 3.0 (Body Transformation Xtreme) is created to bring you to the next level.

No matter what your calisthenics experience might be. No matter what your fitness level is. No matter who you are. Workouts demonstrate the basic performance of a move, better suited to beginners and progressions for people who are more advanced. Calisthenics skill trainings start with the basics and bring you step by step towards the more advanced moves.

There is no special equipment required for the BTX program. The only thing you need is a steady pull-up bar and your own bodyweight. So you can train in any calisthenics park, gym or at home.

A huge part of the program is focused on building strength so that you can progress gradually towards your goals – with only 30-45 mins workout time 4-5 times per week.

Barstarzz BTX uses calisthenic techniques and high intensity workout routines in order to train your body using just your own bodyweight (and the barzz, of course).

With the BTX Full Body Transformation Bundle you get a proven 12-week workout plan that introduces a NEW skill training every day, along with the most effective workout routines. You only have to spend 30-45 minutes, 4 times a week and get impressive results.

In these 12 weeks you will become stronger and stronger while learning the steps to awesome exercises. You will also have a personal progress dashboard that shows you exactly where you are and which achievements you’ve made. AND you will be part of a global community that supports you and pushes you harder than you ever could doing it all by yourself… Read more…

DreamBody On Demand

Have you ever started a weight loss program, only to give up because you didn’t have the time? Here’s a simple strategy that allows you to stay below your personal threshold WITHOUT daily discipline, precise calorie counting, or giving up any of your favorite foods. DreamBody On Demand system combines the latest in nutrition science, with the latest in exercise science, giving you the results you want… all without spending countless hours working out, or counting calories.

Can you really get a good workout in 28 minutes? Absolutely! With DreamBody On Demand you do not need to spend an hour or more per day working out. You can get it done in half the time.

A total body workout that you can use to lose weight and get in great shape, from head to toe. All in just 28 minutes. Imagine… no more wasting hours in the gym.

This technique sets your metabolism on fire, so your body burns calories for UP TO 36 HOURS after you’re done.

Let’s face it… fad diets, funky gadgets, and magic pills just don’t work. And exercise science, and what we know about forcing change in the body, has advanced lightyears since the days when “pumping iron” meant doing repetitive sets, one body part at a time, with heavy weights.

The secret behind DreamBody On Demand is the breakthrough, cutting-edge combination of fat burning, muscle toning, highly effective workouts, coupled with a Meal Plan that allows you to pick the foods that you want to eat, while keeping your calories below your personal threshold.

No guesswork, no stress, nothing to figure out. Just a practical and complete body transformation system that’s hand made just for you…. 1, 2, 3 easy.

DreamBody On Demand takes body transformation to the level of pure science. That means every workout… every rep in every set… is laser-focused on using the latest exercise science to turn any run-of-the-mill body into a state-of-the-art physique.. Read more…

Holy Grail Body Transformation

New Breakthrough In "Cyclical Dieting" And "Nutrient Timing" Flips Your Metabolic and Hormonal Switches, Allowing You To Burn Fat and Build Muscle At The Same Time, Without Dangerous Drugs… Even If You Don’t Have Fitness Model Genetics

The Holy Grail Body Transformation System is the first course of its kind that builds on the foundational fat-burning principles, adds muscle-building techniques and then puts it all together in a highly strategic system for gaining muscle and burning fat simultaneously, while explaining the process scientifically…

In the next few minutes, I’m going to give you a crucial advantage over 99% of other dieters and muscle-seekers. Some might even say this is an "unfair advantage" because so few people know about it.
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Physique Mastery

Flagship, premium and comprehensive course 100% targeted to simplify body transformation and is the exact methods that have literally changed the lives of thousands of men and women. It’s a simple system that includes everything you need to master your body and to complement your busy schedule, not disrupt it.

Physique Mastery is a go-at-your-own-pace fitness course — you can download everything you need to get started instantly (ebooks, videos, images, worksheets, etc.).

A proven blueprint to body transformation success.

No fluff. No B.S. No hype! It’s designed for one thing and one thing only… to show women and men the most direct and uncomplicated way to the perfect look of choice. This system is my all-time best result producing program and has been proven to work time and time again! Read more…

Body Transformation Blueprint

Your New Life Begins With The Complete Body Transformation Blueprint E-Course…

This 260-page, instantly downloadable e-book is your definitive, zero B.S, step-by-step guide to building lean muscle, burning fat and gaining strength in the fastest, most effective, yet most practical way possible.

“Muscle Building & Fat Loss Decoded” is written in an easy to follow, step-by-step format that anyone can understand and implement.

No nonsense, no filler and no fluff – just the straight up, research-backed, scientific truth about transforming your entire body as effectively as possible without spending long hours in the gym, becoming a slave to your diet or spending boatloads of cash on unnecessary supplements.

The course is broken down into 5 main sections that shatter through all the common myths and lies and teach you everything you need to know to structure an optimal plan suited perfectly to your goals.

This complete guide compresses 14 years of dedicated research, trial and error and in-the-trenches experience into just couple days worth of reading… Read more…