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Guitar Notes Master

Built by guitarists for guitarists, this software fretboard tutor will help you rapidly develop your guitar playing skills.

The core of the Guitar Notes Master learning method is a series of interactive lessons that combine clearly explained concepts of fretboard theory with simple exercises performed on the Virtual Fretboard in order to help you rapidly absorb and retain the information in the lessons.

The Guitar Notes Master method gives the guitarist a number of advantages over traditional methods of attempting to memorise scale and chord patterns:

– Understanding how intervals are related on the fretboard enables fluid improvisation up and down the neck without resorting to the same-old scale patterns.
– Understanding how chords and scales are built from these interval patterns enables the guitarist to find chord voicings and scale patterns anywhere on the guitar neck in order to fit your arrangement perfectly.
– Learning to build chords from first principles means that you can play even the most complex chord without resorting to a dictionary.
– Effective fretboard navigation using easily memorable techniques will help you to find notes rapidly and improve sight-reading skills.

Learning the guitar by memorising chord shapes and scale patterns will only get you so far – to truly develop your skills as a guitarist you need to understand the fretboard, which is where Guitar Notes Master can help. Read more…

Adult Guitar Lessons

AdultGuitarLessons is a comprehensive, multi-media online guitar lessons course that will provide you all the skills you need to become the best guitar player you can possibly be – starting today!

Discover how to easily overcome the challenges of learning how to play guitar “Later in Life”…

Why Adult Guitar Lessons?

1. Fast and easy video lessons

2. Start from scratch

3. Over 100 lessons from beginner to intermediate

4. Unlimited one-on-one Email coaching

5. Learn to play songs from “our generation”

6. Guaranteed results, even if you’re a complete beginner!

Finally…An Easy Guitar Method Specifically For Active Adults.

Adult Guitar Lessons is available online only – no need to wait for shipping…Start your guitar lessons today!

Younger guitar students are often unencumbered with raising families and working, and as a result, have more time to practice and make progress. Adult students, however, typically have more patience and are able to focus more closely on their studies. Progress may be slower, but the “quality” of the progress is heightened.

When many of my new guitar students started with Adult Guitar Lessons, they were self professed “Google Guitarists”, that could play little snippets, riffs and licks on guitar, but had no real firm grasp on guitar concepts, and were hard pressed to play a complete song from beginning to end!

Since becoming a member of Adult Guitar Lessons, I have talked to many people interested in learning to play with the same story as mine, being told to me, and trust me when I say I have recommended everyone of them to you.

But did you know that recent studies show that playing music has positive and lasting health benefits in older adults?

Learning to play guitar can help with improved brain functions as shown by a Pennsylvania State University study. When the brain is engaged in 60 to 75 minute sessions of “exercise”, the results are improvement in mental processing and reasoning skills, which can increase cognitive skills as much as 5 years later in older adults.

Adult Guitar Lessons is offered in an online, multi-media format including over 100 video lessons. No more keeping up with books that get torn or dog eared, and DVD’s that can get lost or scratched.

Each lesson is supported with detailed written explanations, music charts, chord charts, TAB’s and color pictures.

Simply log in to your personal account, anytime (24/7), even if it’s 2:00am in the morning, grab your guitar and start your lessons.

At Adult Guitar Lessons, we are continually adding new lessons and Cool Licks, making improvements, and updating – and you get them all every time you log in! Read more…