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The Betting Experts

The Betting Experts make betting MORE than a game of luck or ‘a bit of fun’. They make it a Financial Strategy that brings more than L130,000 per person per year on a level of a professional tipping business.
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Handicapping Secrets of The Horse Racing Fanatic

I would highly recommend your package to all horseplayers. I believe this material needs more than reading, it should be studied and practiced. Horse racing handicapping betting system & betting skills 94-page book from master handicapper, mathematician & author, Gordon Easton will sharpen
and improve your handicapping skills and increase winning results at the track for serious horse race fanatics across the globe.

The author is certainly knowledgeable about the secrets of winning. For any serious horseplayer who is self taught, or those who aspire to collect money from the racetracks, armed with just these techniques a loser could become a winner. I would heartily endorse this author.

“Handicapping Secrets of The Horse Racing Fanatic”
is Available as an 94-page, 8 x 11 spiral-bound printed book…
or as an Instant Download in Adobe PDF format
that can be viewed on any computer…
and can be printed on your personal printer.

Initially, I was looking for the plays on the pick six but actually evaluated them last. I would almost swear that I was privileged to look at an experienced horseplayer’s soul.

“The cost of Gordon’s book, Handicapping Secrets of the Horse Racing Fanatic, is nothing compared to the money you stand to lose the next time you go to the races if you don’t have his advice to follow.. Read more…

Sports Trading Exposed

The combination of trading theory, techniques, videos and the psychology behind trading. You have everything you need to immediately start successful, reduced risk trading. Sports Trading Exposed is the most comprehensive, in-depth online sports trading guide ever written for beginners and experienced traders.

Sports Trading Exposed fully explains the theory behind trading on Betfair and gives you the inside baseball on the techniques, tips and tricks.

Sports trading is fast and furious. You have to think and act quickly to keep up. The use of 3rd party software helps to make trading more manageable by keeping you quick and nimble, but the learning curve is steep.

Sports Trading Exposed helps you quickly take advantage of the full potential of 3rd party software. It provides an intensive overview of its features, how they work, and how they can be used to substantially reduce your risk and increase your earnings… Read more…

Bookie Raider X Review: UK And Irish Horse Racing

Bookie Raider X is a new horse racing tipster service operated by William Brenner and Ryan Neil that claims to be “devastatingly profitable”.

Bookie Raider X review

The software works no matter what the economy is doing. It’s a bookie busting tips tool you can use to place the recommended bets and make money in any day, 7 days a week and for life. With it, you’ll have everything you need to achieve complete financial freedom and fast.

With good betting systems you’ll have the freedom to live where you want and to work from where you want – home or office – just as you wish…. Read Full Review


HorseCashBuilder is a low-risk strategy by Helge Johansen that shows long-term very profitable results.

From the official release at October 10th it has produced 176 profitable trades from 215 selections, an impressive strike rate of 82%.

And not one losing day.

There are no shady staking plans, just simple level stakes. To get the best out of Cashbuilder, you need to trade live and I would advise you to use Betfair.

There are plenty of selections to trade every day and there are also usually several selections in the evening, so you can still trade if you have a daytime job… Read more…