Power of Hormones

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Astral Travel Now

How would you like to be able to develop the ability to effectively part from your body and travel to another world where time, space, gravity and many other “laws” that exist in the 3rd dimension can no longer limit you?

Astral Travel Now By Steve G. Jones M. Ed. is the Powerful Program Designed To Empower You Using A Two Part Learning System.

Part One: The Astral Modules
Part Two: A 60 Minute Platinum Astral Projection Recording

Put his power to work for you like many others who have effectively improved their quality of life using the power of hypnosis.
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Quantum Powers and Beyond

REVEALED: Discover the ONE power that can forever shift you beyond all limitations and finally experience all the abundance, happiness, health and success you deserve.

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As a result of using the Quantum Powers and Beyond Program by World-renowned quantum healer and Founder of Quantum Reprogramming Victor Da Ponte, every aspect of your life will improve.
In addition, your new and improved abilities to shift your life on a dime will be with you for a lifetime.
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Total Power Training

 A: Total Power Training is a revolutionary performance training system.  It was developed by former University football player and Strength Coach Chris Barnard.  It is the first training program designed to help athletes from all manner of sport maximize their power without sacrificing development of sport specific skill

 A: Most training programs currently on the market are based around an antiquated, non-functional approach to training; bodybuilding. Total Power Training is one of the few programs where the primary focus is shifted from the muscular system to the central nervous system and the development of functional characteristics in the athlete
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Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program

There are no pills or potions and this will take some hard work, so if you’re looking for a magic-fix then you’ve landed on the wrong site.

But if you’re looking for a solution to your strength and conditioning needs that’s not only based on science and theory but also tested in the Octagon, then the info you’re about to read may be the most important.

The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program outlines in an easy-to-follow format everything you need to never have to worry about your conditioning again.

Results like increased strength , power and cardio.

Or perhaps you’d like to do your own research for fighters around the world who have taken their strength and conditioning to whole new levels by following the Ultimate MMA S&C system.

On top of that, the programs you find are based on old-school methods that drain your energy, making your MMA training at best INEFFECTIVE and at worst, COUNTERPRODUCTIVE, since you’ll end up developing sloppy technique because you’re sore and you’ve already spent all of your energy working out.

And most workout plans you find require 3, 4 or even 5 workouts per week – impossible to stick to and potentially dangerous, since you can quickly become overtrained and get an injury.

And that’s why MMA Specific programming and Periodization is so important – because it allows you to train strategically AND synergistically, working the right attributes at the right time, avoiding these major MMA training screw-ups and resulting in consistent gains while completely eliminating excessive soreness, fatigue, overtraining and injury. Read more…