Text Game Decoded – Texting In 2019 Is Completely Different

Text Game Decoded - Texting In 2019

texting exampleI am going to share with you something completely different that Moe Abbassi (who you may have already heard of) has been using to land hot dates with models. The Text Game Decoded is video master class, where you’ll discover EXACTLY what to text girls to turn as many numbers as possible into dates, lays and girlfriends. If you want to 10X your results with girls, using just your phone, you’re a perfect candidate for Text Game Decoded.

Moe Abbassi is going to teach you so that you never have to deal with:

  • Trying to use witty text messages
  • Staring at your phone trying to craft a perfect message
  • Girls ignoring your texts
  • Girls giving you bland replies

And start:

  • Landing easy hot dates
  • Have women show up to your bedroom
  • Have her chase YOU constantly

The best part of it is – it takes 1 to 3 text messages MAXIMUM.

What I have for you has nothing to do with becoming a “master at texting”.

It’s not pickup or cheesy lines…

And it’s certainly not difficult to do…

It’s the fastest way to have women showing up to your front door using your phone – with as little work as possible.

NO JOKE: Once you start using these “Alpha Male Solution” texts – you will land more hot dates, have more lays, and easily be able to have the options and choice of women you date. Women start chasing YOU.

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