The Bigness Project

Bigness Project bundleWhat if we stopped pretending otherwise, and admitted that yes, we WOULD like to look strong and muscular. Sculpted arms, popping shoulders, and bootylicious booties aren’t made by working them off – they’re built by the age–old art of bodybuilding. The Bigness Project is a hypertrophy training product geared towards building muscle for women.

Hypertrophy training is, essentially, striking that perfect balance between workout volume, training frequency, exercise selection, amount of weight you use, rest times, and a myriad of other factors in order to build the biggest muscle size that you can.

This is both art and science. You are the art. And you employ the science.

The bigness project isn’t just a program. It’s an ongoing endeavor that will carve out new muscles, new insights, and maybe even a new path.

It is for those ready to show up as Big as you really are, to create a physical reflection of how you already feel on the inside — or for those who would like to give yourself a physical space to grow into.

Includes a 14-week training program, a user manual explaining the training philosophy and programming, and a video exercise library with 25 exercises and how-tos filmed.

Starting with hypertrophy or cycling it into your existing program are both great ways to add Bigness to your routine.

You’ll begin to see results quickly — within the first 14 days, after tackling four muscle-building sessions per week… Read more…