The Bonding Code

How do you know if the guy you love really loves you?

Is it when he actually says, “I love you?”

The short answer is there are 5 Bonding Stages men go through to fall in love.

If the pattern gets interrupted or even 1 phase gets skipped, this is what causes a man to suddenly “fall out of love.”

Luckily Bob Grant has cracked this code. Bob has found a pattern.

He calls this pattern: The Bonding Code — and once you know this secret passageway into a man’s heart, he’ll fall helplessly in love with you.

How? By activating his Alpha Bonding Sequence…

But Bob Grant has discovered a secret code that every man responds to in a predictable way.

In fact, if he doesn’t follow this predictable pattern, he’ll never stay in love with you…no matter what you do.

So many women think once a man is in love with her that he’ll stay devoted to her.

He will, but only if his love has reached the critical Bonding Level that Bob describes for you here…

No matter how intense his attraction to you, the man you’re with or going to be with, desperately needs you to know his Bonding Code… Read more…