The Power Primer 2.0

The Power Primer 2.0 coverThe Power Primer 2.0 revolutionizes your training to help you transform your body and get more athletic while enjoying your time in the gym. Discover the hacks regular guys use to add muscle and shed fat. You’ll unleash a body that looks, feels, and performs like a professional athlete.

What Does the Power Primer 2.0 Include?

The program includes the keys to building a strong, lean, and athletic body. There’s no need to sacrifice your athleticism for a better-looking body. The Power Primer bridges the gap with its revolutionary workouts.

The Power Primer is built to last. Use it year after year for non-stop progress that’s pain-free.

The Power Primer will help you discover:

  • The important movements for building total body athleticism.
  • How to lift and move faster to decrease joint stress and shed body fat.
  • Why more explosive lifts help you shatter training plateaus, building total body strength and power.
  • The tools to cut through information overload to and get real results.
  • How to unlock athletic strength, so you can take your hard work and apply it to the game of life.
  • The secrets that supercharge your nervous system to unlock new, untapped muscle fibers to grow

Featuring the three 12-week workout programs and a complete video library, The Power Primer 2.0 is designed to build strength, shed body fat and improve your athleticism.

In fact, the workouts have been used to develop high-level athletes, incinerate unwanted body fat, improve energy, and improve the athleticism of thousands of men and women just like you.

After years of being assaulted with endless gym propaganda aimed at competitive level bodybuilders…and strength routines exclusively for powerlifters…you will be shocked at how improving your power burns body fat, build muscle, and builds an athletic body… Read more…