The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics

Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics

Ultimate Guide to CalisthenicsCalisthenics is the art of increasing resistance with only your bodyweight to develop insane strength.

Using progressive resistance, similar to weight training, you add difficulty levels across a full range of motion, skill, position, etc.

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics teaches you how to build insane strength and mad skills with progressive calisthenics.

The book pays full attention to realistic progress, step by step from the very beginner to advanced, unlike any other book out there.

The program answers all the questions you might ever have about calisthenics training.

Calisthenics Academy is the go-to resources for calisthenics and gymnastics strength training.

This system provides a fully personalized approach to enable anyone regardless of ability and time to get on the journey of building strength with calisthenics.

Well-structured progressive calisthenics can give you insane strength gains, muscle growth, and fat loss while still protecting your joints and conditioning your body—naturally.

The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Getting Started With Calisthenics is a step-by-step, proven system for insane strength, mobility and health.

Become insanely strong, look like a gymnast, and develop all round fitness using only your bodyweight… Read more…