Trouble Spot Fat Loss FREE DVD

Do you have those nagging problem areas that just don’t seem to change no matter what you do? FREE Trouble Spot Fat Loss DVD is a comprehensive trouble spot toning program by a Certified Personal Trainer & best-selling author Bruce Krahn for melting away fat and sculpting lean muscle super fast.

This full length, 60-minute DVD DVD gives you the EXACT instructions you need to shrink, tighten and tone your trouble spots including nutrition, meal planning, recipes, and exercise.

Inside this info-packed DVD, you’ll discover new secrets such as:

  • The new, simple sequence that targets tighten and tones trouble spot fat in record time
  • The one food you must consume at the right time every day for losing abdominal fat
  • The simple food combination that melts away love handle fat

Just imagine, in a few short days, you will begin seeing your stubborn belly fat flatten or love handles shrink as your worst problem trouble spots change shape right before your eyes.

The reason why Trouble Spot Fat Loss works so fast when other weight loss programs fail is that it was created by a nutritionist AND personal trainer and covers ALL aspects for losing trouble spot fat including:

  • Hormones
  • Nutrition
  • Excercise
  • Supplementation
  • Recovery

You will receive the entire trouble spot shrinking method in a full-length, high-quality DVD shipped right to your door at no cost – just the small cost of shipping.

The entire program is based on scientific facts and has been tried and tested in the real world and with real people just like you.

By combining the special trouble spot shrinking movement sequence in the DVD with the hormone balancing effects of the meal plan you will finally achieve:

  • A noticeable reduction of 1-3 inches from your belly in record time
  • Increased muscle tone in your worst problem trouble spots
  • More energy and mental focus
  • Improved strength and mobility
  • Head-turning self-confidence
  • The ability to wear your most flattering clothes

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