Truth Of Addiction Program

The Truth of Addiction Program is designed for addicts or loved ones of addicts. Addictions affect millions of people and there are some strange treatment options out there. Those struggling with addiction, want a solution but do not know where to turn. To many, addiction is largely a mystery.

Gratefully we have technology and scientific evidence that provides us with valuable information about addictions. We now know more than we ever did. This system dives into the science of addiction and helps one to truly understand what additions really are and how to manage them.

What is the Truth Of Addiction Program About?
Truth of Addiction is an eBook that has over 170 pages covering an in-depth view of how addictions affect the brain on the neuroscience level. It is a fascinating look into the scientific explanation of why the brain becomes addicted and how one can manage them. It talks about the 12 steps that are universally accepted in recovery programs, the pitfalls about some treatment centers and also examines how to strengthen the brain against addictions. All claims in this system are evidence-based and data-driven and are provided with references so you can see the proof yourself.

Some of the techniques used in this eBook, include strengthening the prefrontal cortex of the brain and using different methods that have been shown to activate the same brain regions that addictions have been exploiting.

Prospective users may wonder if there are any negative side effects of using the Truth of Addiction program. The program is safe and does not include anything that could be harmful. It is information that exposes what addictions really are, how successful treatments work and why addiction often isn’t properly treated.

About the Author
Truth of Addiction system contains an eBook and MP3 created by A. Scott Roberts, who suffered from addictions since age 15. He has experienced the pain of addiction himself and has been in and out of treatment facilities when he was young. However, he now lives addiction free. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, minor in sociology, associates in business and a post-graduate student in rehabilitation counseling. He worked at a counseling center and even served a volunteer mission to help others. He created the Truth of Addiction program to share how he did it and how it may be able to help others.

Probably the greatest advantage of this program is that the author not only has been a student of rehabilitation and psychology, but he has dealt with addictions himself and has helped others to manage them.

The book is very instructive and engaging. The reader would probably have many “ah-ha” moments reading the information and applying it to their lives.

The program includes a very high quality “Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy” downloadable mp3, which is mind training that is backed up by abundant research to reverse the “addicted brain.”

I think that the greatest pro to this program is that it is based on scientific research and references are provided. It helps the reader to put everything together and have an in-depth understanding of how the brain responds to addictions.

Some cons to the Truth Of Addiction program is that it might take some time to read through the whole in-depth eBook and start applying this knowledge, as this isn’t an instant fix.

There may be cheaper eBooks out there on addictions, but this one is worth the price because it is up to date and scientifically based and there isn’t quite anything like it (that I know of).

Overall, the Truth of Addictions program does require you to read it and put in some effort into the exercises, but this guide may really give you a deep understanding of addictions and what methods have been proven to work, so you can start to manage them… Read more…