The Ultimate Energizer Guide

Ultimate Energizer in action videoCombine the geopolitical instability with booming energy demand, and you have a recipe for a never-ending energy crisis. Here’s why in today’s uncertain political and economic climate, the benefits of the Ultimate Energizer system are becoming a “must”.

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Unlike solar panels, it won’t get blown off the roof by strong winds and hurricanes. And unlike conventional “portable” generators, there are no fumes… and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on fuel.

Why Do You Need The Ultimate Energizer Guide?

Because it’s a simple, easy to follow step by step guide (in fact it is dumb simple, but ONLY if you know how to do it properly)… that empowers you to significantly lower your power bills each and every month and brings you one step closer to the independence and freedom you desire and deserve.

Key Benefits

  • Don’t worry that you don’t have the technical skills.
  • No matter what is your age or skill – you can have your own money-saving device properly installed in less than 4 hours… and begin reducing the electricity bill by 68% or more, starting today.
  • You’ll be able to take this little device anywhere with you. It’s so small that it fits in your trunk…for when you go camping…
  • You’ll be able to power up any kind of household appliances – from lamps and toasters to electricity hogs like refrigerators and ac units.
  • You can even power up a remote cabin in the wilderness – and stop worrying about having to pay the electric company $50,000 or more to hook you to the grid.
  • And because the ingenious design makes it so silent, you won’t even hear it running!

What’s more… because The Ultimate Energizer is very light and portable, it makes for one of the best “emergency” generators you could ever hope for.

What You’ll Get

  • a professionally designed Manual that will show you every step in the process of building your own super efficient Energizer
  • all the guides
  • blueprints
  • DIY instructions
  • list of parts, tools, and suppliers


In fact, there’s very little to spend at all. Except a simple maintenance check every few months, the device is basically “set and forget”.

It’s simple. Get the blueprints today and give them your own personal “test run”.

See how easy it is to make your own electricity with The Ultimate Energizer… Read more…