Urgent Money Miracle Program

You can keep doing what isn’t working, or you can try something new – right now.

Don’t go another day without saying one of these morning prayers from the Urgent Money Miracle prayer book.

You see now 33,437 people are using “money prayers” to:

  • lift financial curses (and remove evil spirits),
  • receive unexpected gifts and checks in the mail,
  • enjoy total financial relief with no more money worries,
  • attract lucrative job offers – even without special skills!


Urgent Money Miracle: 37 Prayers For Immediate Financial Blessings

Soon, it will be YOUR manifesting success story you’re sharing with a stranger on a park bench.

  • YOU will have received an abundance of financial gifts.
  • And YOU will be in the fortunate position to pay the prosperity forward…
  • Attract more financial blessings during this pandemic than in the last 1-3 years!
  • Manifest more riches than 98% of everyone you know

PLUS – be in the fortunate position to financially help the people you love with ease!


How Does It Work?

It’s that easy! Just two steps to manifesting financial blessings now.

Step 1: Download the A State of Bliss audio on your phone or computer. Then, press play and close your eyes.

Step 2: After listening to the A State of Bliss Audio, open your digital copy of Urgent Money Miracle and recite any Money Prayer.


That’s right:

  • There are no books to read
  • No expensive courses to study
  • No awkward seminars to attend


Just listen to the audio, say a prayer, and receive urgent financial blessings – starting right now!



Does this really work?

YES! These prayers are so strong that they start manifesting instantly.

Just listen to the audio and read the prayer first thing in the morning to start manifesting your desires.

How to make Urgent Money Miracle work for you – guaranteed!

Remember, the “Money Prayers” inside Urgent Money Miracle ONLY work when you’re in a blissful state.

There is A State Of Bliss audio for you to listen to BEFORE your Morning Prayer.

It works to put you in a blissful state so you can manifest immediate financial blessings.

WARNING: Listening to the A State of Bliss audio before saying your Money Prayer is a MANDATORY step… Read more…