Vert Shock – How To Become the Best Jumping Machine

vertshockTried everything to increase your vertical jump but nothing’s worked? Well. This stuff is the real deal and has been tested in brutal competition and dunk contests for years. Vert Shock system it’s literally going to ‘shock’ your body into becoming a jumping machine.

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So you don’t get noticed, get passed the ball much, or make the team.

But don’t worry.

We’re about to end your frustration once and for all and have you dunking like a freak!

The system is based on body weight and plyometric exercises that are scientifically proven to train one’s muscles and nervous system into jumping higher.

This Program is the ‘everything-included’ solution to get you jumping higher than you ever dreamed possible. You literally just have to follow the program step-by-step and the results will come.

That’s how it’s designed.

Vert Shock uses targeted explosive plyometric training to shock the central nervous system of the body into jumping higher. There are no heavy weight lifting exercises and it will not stunt your growth. Vert Shock is safe for all ages and experience levels… Read more…