Virus Pandemic Preparedness Guide

Are you prepared for the virus outbreak?

Get the Virus Pandemic Preparedness Guide and protect your family today.

The current virus pandemic is real and is rapidly spreading across the United States.

Plagues and pandemics have killed millions in the last century alone.

To date, the coronavirus has killed 4,000+ people and it’s spreading like wildfire.

This Pandemic Survival Guide will teach you:

Food: How to find, store and cook.

  • The 21 dried foods you MUST have stored to remain self-contained
  • How to grow fresh greens, sprouts and other veggies


Water: How to find, purify and store it

  • 2 common water storage containers to avoid
  • The “two-bucket” water purification method


Health: Tips on how to stay healthy and avoid infection

  • The formula for the ULTIMATE protection against infection
  • The 14 home treatments you’ll need to treat the sick
  • The 5 essential items you MUST have to keep the disease from spreading inside your own home
  • One type of transportation to avoid like the plague



  • The one radio you MUST have in your house
  • The old “sailor trick” to double the protection of any home
  • How to train your dog to act when strangers are near your home
  • The 7 items to keep in your car to protect you


Energy & Self-Sufficiency: How to reduce usage, store, and harness natural resources

  • How to reduce energy and heat to cook by 70%
  • Why having cash on hand is a good idea
  • How to recharge batteries an UNLIMITED number of times


This is a VERY thorough guide.

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