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Discover the difference between the Law of Attraction and the new revolutionary Law of Attention

Throughout history, everyone has questioned the passage to prosperity. Some believe it to be the high road through the “rat race” while others remain complacent believing it to be an impossible dream. There is yet a third category that has redefined prosperity using divine principles to create a natural spiritual abundance.


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What Is Abundance?

Yes, that is the exact question I had before I opted for the Wealth Compass course – I had absolutely no idea what it meant!

However, now I would define it as a state of consciousness, an overflowing fullness regardless of how little you may have.

To clearly understand and define the difference between the paucity and prosperity of spirit, you need to reflect on one’s thoughts and actions on a moment-by-moment basis. Self-loathing is a strict no-no when it comes to abundance.

What Is It About?

  • Brainwave Technology
  • Removing Limiting Beliefs
  • Natural State of Abundance

Self-respect and a sense of deserving, play an integral role in igniting and sustaining abundance. If you believe that you deserve something, you will very quickly attract a lot of what you long for.

If however, your unworthiness overshadows your wants then you could be waiting forever. I was astounded to know about my self-worth, which helped me to believe in myself. It inspired me to take charge, rather than asking – why me, and then playing the victim.

Thoughts of scarcity would have made me needier, so even if I had everything, there will be emptiness on physical, emotional, and social levels. While being financially secure does bring forth a state of abundance, it isn’t the sole aspect of it.

Abundance means giving your last morsel and trusting there will be enough for you. Abundance means a big heart, a generosity of spirit; not counting or calculating.

How Does Abundance Help?

It is the knowledge that I have the inner power and qualities right here, at my disposal. As an eternal being of light, I have everything. I just have to remember and reconnect to this wisdom. The easy way to manifest abundance in your life is to create a vision first of the life you want and then to water that vision daily with powerful, positive, pure thoughts of love and attention.

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