Witchcraft Secret Manual

The Witchcraft Secret Manual is a foolproof technique by Esteban Jose Portela that let novices use the great power of White Magic to their advantage. The Spells that are detailed in this Manual are the most effective that can exist, with simple processing and homemade. You should not rush to find any foreign element that you do not know where to get.

Much information about White Magic and Spells that is currently circulating is taken from old books that ceased to be valid.

Dear friend, this book is different. Not only have you showed us step by step how to perform a magic Spell, but you do not repeat the old formulas that are in the websites. These Spells are the most powerful ever known.

With this book, you will help to expand the use of White Magic through easy and homemade Spells. They are easy for everyone and that is admirable.

Try to imagine how a Complete Spell Handbook can facilitate your life, and in which you will find, among other things…

  • Spells to attract love definitely
  • Spells to get your unrequited love
  • Spell to marry
  • Spell to stop a divorce
  • Return Spell, for the love to come back to your life
  • Love spells that last a lifetime
  • Weight Loss Spells
  • Beauty Spells
  • Love Perfume Spells
  • Spell for marriage to last forever
  • Spell to break the indifference
  • Spell to forget an unrequited love or a bad love
  • Rupture spells to remove bad couples
  • Business Cleaning Rituals
  • Sorcery to ward off bad luck
  • Spells to increase profits in your company or business
  • Spells to get a good job
  • Sorcery of protection against envy
  • Spell to sell any property
  • And many more!

The spell system you are about to discover has been thoroughly tested in practice, so I can promise that it will work for you.

One of the most important details of all this is that you don’t need to be an experienced Wizard to make effective Sorcery. These ideas were lurking in people’s thoughts because people who call themselves “Wizards” inculcated this, because they don’t want problems with their huge business. A good spell can be made by any person who feels and believes that he or she can change something with its preparation. Read more…